Celtic hip flasks with captive top

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Showing all 29 results

Here are all of our Celtic Hip Flasks that have a captive top. Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company we love this style of topping for your hip flask as captive tops are great for making sure you don’t lose your flask top.

Celtic artwork is timeless and will always be popular due to the simplicity of the design. Our Celtic flasks are inspired by this form or art that has existed for hundreds of years.

Adding these wonderful designs to our range of captive top flasks means that you get the benefit of great style but with the added bonus of never losing your top.

The great thing about Celtic artwork is that it adapts and changes with the times. We have older more traditional styles and some newer and more modern perhaps abstract designs. The fact that Celtic art can change so easily with the times means that it will live on for hundreds, probably thousands of years more adapting and growing as newer more modern designs are produced. When you buy one of these flasks you are not just buying a drinking vessel but a piece of modern art.

We have Celtic hip flasks available in pewter and in stainless steel. As single flasks or as part of a wonderful gift set. We have flask sizes catering for all , the smallest being 4oz and the largest being 8oz.

If the Celtic hip flask that you choose if for a friend or a loved one or, even yourself for that matter, why not personalise one of these hip flasks with one of our fantastic engraving fonts by selecting to have your flask engraved. You can have text or, if there is a logo or the likes that you would like then get in touch and we may be able to engrave this onto the flask for you also.