Trixie and Milo Hip Flasks UK at The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK and we just love these fantastic Trixie and Milo hip flasks. These fantastic colourful and arty hip flasks are made in Portland, Oregon in the U.S.A and once they are here just fly off the shelves.  But what makes them so great?  The unique artwork and tongue in cheek way Trixie and Milo look at life comes across in these flasks and that’s why people love them.

Trixie and Milo Hip Flasks

Trixie and Milo was started by a husband and wife team fed up with working for soul sucking corporations.  So after moving to the north woods Trixie and Milo decided to start their own business.  Like many small business owners they found that starting a new business wasn’t all that easy to start with.
Thankfully for us and our customers after a bit of trial and error with other business ideas the pair settled on the idea to mix Milo’s fantastic art work with a love that is close to our heart (and our liver), drinking.
Trixie and Milo Hip FlasksHow did the idea for ‘Trixie and Milo’ come about?
One day Trixie said, “Why don’t we combine two of our favourite things: drinking and art?”  
    Recognizing genius when he heard it, Milo quickly agreed, and “TRIXIE & MILO” was born!

The idea to add fantastic original art work to these hip flasks has produced some truly fantastic designs.Trixie and Milo Hip Flasks

Milos love of vintage and retro graphics as well as classic TV and magazine advertising has meant Milo has been able to create some truly stunning and original designs for the company.  Lets not forget Trixie’s part as it was she who figured out how to laminate Milo’s designs onto stainless steel flasks.
These wonderful hip flasks were an immediate hit when Trixie and Milo started to take the products on the road.
Let’s face it who wouldn’t want one of these neat looking hip flasks?

As sales and interest quickly grew in the small start up Trixie and Milo started to produce more hip flasks with Milo designing more funky looking pieces of artwork.  Trixie & Milo now ship their fantastic flasks all over the world, and are happy to see many stores in different countries carrying their designs, The Pocket Hip Flask Co is one of those lucky stores and we have to say we love these flasks.

Trixie and Milo Hip Flask CupsThe design team made up of husband and wife, Milo and  Trixie produce funky, interesting unique and fun designs from Portland Oregon hidden away in the corner of the Pacific Northwest.  All designs and artworks are original creations that come from the mind of Milo, each of these funky hip flasks are finished by hand in their studio.

Don’t forget Trixie and Milo Hip Flasks go really well with their fantastic collapsible shot cups that are just a perfect match with your new hip flask.

The Pocket Hip Flask Company are proud to work with great people that have great artistic ideas.  We stock the full range of Trixie and Milo hip flasks and hope you love the designs as much as we do.  We hope to stock these fantastic Trixie and Milo hip flasks for many years to come.