You’re jet setting off to a wonderful location and you think its a great idea to pop your hip flask in your carry on, but what happens when you go through security?

We’ve all thought it would be a great idea to take a little drinky poo on the plane but you’re likely to be unsuccessful.  Security checks are more in depth than ever and one of the biggest no no’s is taking liquid though security at the airport.  The rules on taking liquids through security at the airport are quite simple:

– Liquid containers must not hold more than 100ml (a 6oz hip flask holds 170ml)
– No part filled larger containers with only 100ml in, for example a liter bottle with 100ml would not be acceptable.
– All liquid containers must fit into a transparent bag no bigger than 20cm x 20cm

Now although the mention of taking alcohol through security is not specifically mentioned the first two points are quite damming, added to the fact that many airlines hate customers drinking their own alcohol on the flight and have policies in place to refuse you to board if too drunk, they can of course take away open containers of alcohol as well so we think it is in our customers interest not to take alcohol full hip flasks on flights with them.  However if the flask is empty then there is nothing stopping you taking the flask and loading it when you get to your final destination.  You can of course load your flask and leave it in your hold luggage with no issues.

Taking a hip flask on holiday is a great way to have a little treat when out and about but taking a full hip flask onto a flight is not likely to get past security and could cause you more issues than you really want at the start of your holiday. Most airlines offer a drinks service so suck it up and pay on the plane and as soon as you land you can get that flask loaded.

Remember drink responsibly and don’t drink too much before you fly, those air stewards don’t like that too much and it might get you into trouble. Stay safe and enjoy your holiday.