Rihanna Hip Flask at Grammys
Proving as always that hip flasks are always in fashion the pop diva snuck a diamond encrusted hip flask into the adwards.  Well we say snuck but I’m sure she was probably allowed.

We all know how tedious award ceremony’s can be (not that I’ve been invited to one) especially when you have to be glued to your seat for hours at a time with no respite.  With a total of 82 awards being given out the night is always set to be a long one and I for one would go stir crazy.

Swigging from her flask Rihanna takes it all in her stride and although the 28 year old singer didn’t pick up one gong although nominated for eight she sure did show everyone that she wasn’t going to let that spoil her night as she ‘Poured it up’ with her little hip flask.

We’ve been saying it for ages, hip flasks are a great little accessory.  Of course you don’t need a diamond encrusted hip flask to have a good time but I guess it sure finishes off your outfit.  Unfortunatley for the time being we will not be selling diamond hip flasks but we have a great selection to chose from.

See Rihanna’s hip flask image here