RAF Hip Flasks

RAF Hip Flasks - Official-Royal-Air-Force-Hip-FlasksRAF Hip Flasks

We all know how hard the RAF work and how amazing they are and so, we thought that we would get together a collection of RAF hip flasks for you. The RAF hip flasks that we have here at The Pocket Hip Flask Co are the Official licensed hip flasks. No knock off fakes here guys and gals!

All of the designs that you see here at PHF have all been approved by the RAF hence them being the official flasks. We have such a fantastic range here for you that anyone who has an interest in the RAF and planes will love them!

What is the RAF? RAF Hip Flasks - RAF Red Arrows Hip Flask Gift Box

The RAF is the shortened name for the Royal Air Force. Did you know that they are the world’s the first independent air force and they form part of our Military of Defence? They do so much for us in our country and all around the globe. They respond to threats against us, they work to prevent conflict, they deliver aid and, they monitor the skies to help keep us safe. There really is so much more that they do for us. Cheers guys!! Not to mention of course, the fantastic Red Arrows which we have all seen. Boy can they fly 🙂

RAF Hip Flask Range

RAF Hip Flasks - 5oz Stainless Steel RAF Spitfire Blueprint Hip FlaskBecause we know you guys love options, we have plenty of spirit flasks for you to choose from here.
All of our RAF Hip Flasks are made from quality stainless steel and hold 5oz.  5oz equates to 142ml of your favourite drinky.. Delicious! The styles and designs that we have for you are very popular and we have been told that they make wonderful gifts for those who are in the RAF. Also for those who once served but do so no longer. It is because of this we make sure that we get in only the best.
Blueprints, planes and commemorative WWI collection paintings are just some of what you can find here. To make them extra special, all of our RAF hip flasks are engraveable. Adding a special message really does most certainly make all the difference to the gift. Each and every flask come presented in a lovely RAF gift box.