Portable Collapsible Cups

Taking a standard cup with you when you go for a night out on the town, visit the opera or go off to a festival is not the most convenient of things.  Glassware will break and mugs and cups are bulky things to be lugging around.  So how do you share your favorite tipple or just drink casually from a cup?

A portable collapsible cup is the answer to your questions, these handy little cups are perfect for bringing out and sharing a drink from your hip flask.  Each collapsible cup comes complete with a key ring catch that clips to your belt, wallet or bag.  The tops of these stylish potable cups come with some funky piece of art which really helps to jazz up the collapsible cup.

Hip flask use has been steadily on the rise for some time now especially as celebrities are often seen with them at TV and movie events turning the the sipping flask into a fashionable accessory, with that a great selection of accessories has emerged, cups that can be used and stored or collapsed easily are at the top of that list of wonderful and artful hip flask accessories.

So if you are planning a trip out with your hip flask and think you might like to mix your drink of share with friends then don’t forget to pack your collapsible friend, the collapsible cup is small enough to fit in a pocket of handbag and is easy to use, just take off the stylish top, pull up the walls of the cup and make sure it is secure, fill from your flask adding a mixer if need be and start having fun.

These lovely items come in a variety of different designs and are perfect as gifts or a treat for yourself.

Remember always drink responsibly and don’t be shy and share with friends.