Pewter the Perfect Choice

Molten-Pewter-for-hip-flasksPewter is a fabulous choice when it comes to picking the perfect piece of giftware.  Pewter has been in use heavy use since about the 15th century, it was used prior to this and there have been documented finds that date as far back as 1450 BC in Egypt.
The use of pewter was a massive boost to the tin mines of Cornwall, unfortunately many of these tin mines now remain closed and in many circumstances quite dangerous.  Tin fell out of fashion and although still used to make pewter many other products that were made from tin (food cans, drinks can etc) are now made from aluminum a cheaper and light metal.

Pewter gift ware products like our fantastic range of hip flasks do however still have a massive place in our culture.  The pewter industry in Sheffield is a very big part of what makes Sheffield the go to place for metal work and manufacturing.  Many of the steel factories closed leaving a massive gap in the manufacturing industry, thankfully pewter manufacturing has remained steady and continues to open the door for not only great products but jobs and job security for the people of Sheffield.

Pewter is a soft metal that combines tin and copper and no longer contains the poisonous metal lead.  6oz Plain Pewter Cushion Hip FlaskLead was widely used until it was removed from the mixture in 1974.  You will be happy to hear all our pewter hip flasks are lead free and so every sip you take is pure pewter goodness.  The mirror like shiny finish that pewter produces really makes this metal stand out against other metals and so choosing a pewter flask will really guarantee a quality looking gift that will stand the test of time.

Pewter is a great receptacle for holding your alcoholic beverage as it does not impart the flavour of the metal into the liquid unlike stainless steel which does leave a slight metallic flavour when drinking direct from the flask, much in the same way drinking out of a can of beer leaves the same metallic tang.  This is one of the main reason people choose pewter over steel as they can add a high quality beverage to their flask and are still able to get the full bodied flavour without and metallic tarnish.

Our pewter flasks are produced by a wonderful company who have really stood the test of time, Edwin Blyde are a producer and designer of fine Plain Round 6oz Pewter Hip Flaskpewter giftware and have been making fine pewterware since 1798, that’s over a whooping two hundred year history of pewter craft and they are based right here in the UK in the heart of the pewter industry, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

We work closely with our producers to make sure the finished product our customers receive are of the highest quality, and the guys over at Edwin Blyde are always too happy to make sure our hip flasks arrive with us in the best condition.  Each of their gorgeous flasks are produced using traditional methods that have had a few minor tweaks to bring the pewter industry into the modern age.  These flasks are still finished by hand to insure the quality is up to scratch.

Speaking of scratching, pewter is a soft metal and so can scratch easily so each flask is supplied in its own little pouch to help protect it from the elements.  Looked after correctly these shiny finished flasks will dazzle for meany years to come.  Pewter really is a great choice when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for a loved one, personalising your gift will also add so much more meaning to an already wonderful item.