Pewter Hip Flasks Classic Kidney Shaped

Pewter Hip Flasks Classic Kidney Shaped

Kidney shaped pewter hip flasksKidney shaped pewter hip flasks I have to say our one of our biggest ranges because they are just so popular. I think that the reason for this is that they are more the traditional style and shape that you would find that maybe your great, great grandfather, or grandmother, would have had back in the day.

Flasks like these when looked after really can last for generations – and what greater a gift to be passed through the family than a wonderful well kept hip flask with so many memories and history. You may not be lucky enough to have had one passed onto you however there is no reason that the line cannot start with you. You can pick the one that you love the best and you can go with that one or, if you wanted to they make fantastic thoughtful gifts.

Kidney shaped pewter hip flasksSimon is guardian to a beautiful little boy called John and when we went to his blessing we took an engraved hip flask as a gift that is to be presented to him on his 18th birthday. The flask will be cared for until that day by his parents. We have of course engraved a message onto it using our brilliant engraving software.

The basic kidney shape is the ideal shaped flask to carry about on your person. They fit the shape of your body comfortably and are designed to be worn in your breast pocket or trouser pocket. Wherever suits you best really. Because of the great shape and the fact that they fit on you so nicely, they can be taken pretty much anywhere. Fill with your favourite juice, pop in your pocket and away you go!

Our collection of these hip flasks is quite vast and ever growing. At present we have over 70 different designs for you to choose from. We have something for all occasions as pewter is a wonderful metal that is rather special.

We have a little something to suit everyone when it comes to style and we also have a range of different sizes for you to choose from ranging from 2oz to 8oz.

Kidney shaped pewter hip flasksHere at The Pocket Hip Flask Company we really are proud of our great collection and just want to share with you a little idea of what we have;

Wedding party – we have you covered, and everyone else for that matter too. Bride, groom, father of the bride and groom, ushers & best men.

Sports fanatic – golf, bowls, sailing, horse riding, rugby, football, we have all of the big main sports that most fanatics are fans of.

Countries – England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland we have designs galore from Welsh Dragons to Lion Rampart, Shamrocks and many designs relating to good old blighty.

These are only a few of what we have to offer you, you really need to come and take a look so that you can see and choose for yourself.

Whether it is a treat for yourself or a loved one, our master engraver is on hand to put that special message or logo onto your pewter hip flask.