Pewter Hip Flasks and why they make the perfect gift

Pewter Hip Flasks and why they make the perfect gift

Pewter Hip Flasks are wonderfully make gifts and make the perfect item to give to a loved one, friend or work college. Celtic Pattern 6oz Pewter Hip Flask with captive top
Pewter has been produced in Britain for many years.  This precious metal is often forgotten but should definitely be on your list when it comes to interesting and unique jewellery or in our case great looking hip flasks.

Lets set the record straight right now, pewter did at one point have high levels or lead, it was cheap and so was used to help fill out the metal.  Of course we all know that lead is in fact poisonous to use humans and so pewter fell out of fashion and rightly so.  Nowadays pewter is produced lead free, this means items like cutlery, table wear and hip flasks can be made from pewter without the threat of killing off the customers, that’s always good news I’m sure you’ll agree.

Molten-Pewter-for-hip-flasksWhen drinking from a pewter flask you will find there is less of a metallic taste compared to stainless steel, however if you leave the alcohol in your flask for a couple of days your alcohol is likely to spoil so we always recommend emptying the flask after use, either down the hatch or back into the original bottle for next time.

Because pewter is a soft metal it is easy to work into different shapes and styles, this is great for you guys as it means we can offer many different designs that fit many occasions from weddings, graduations and fathers day as well as many different sporting events like fishing, rugby and shooting.  With pewter the possibilities are pretty endless.

With the shiny finish that can be achieved with pewter these hip flasks really are a cut above the rest, they look like they could be made from expensive silver but at a fraction of the price. Coupled with a nice satin lined box and a funnel you can make the perfect gift to thank your best man, best friend or work college for being their for you.

Pewter ages well and if looked after can last a life time, gaining character throughout it use and becoming a unique item that will be cherished for many years.  If you really want a gift to stand out then you can’t go wrong with a pewter hip flask.    Don’t forget that we offer personalisation in the form of both text and logo engraving.  Adding a personal message can really turn your gift into something truly special.

So if you want something special to give then you can’t go wrong with a beautiful English made pewter hip flask.  All our pewter flasks are made in Sheffield right here in the UK, with over 200 years of pewter experience our producers know what they are doing and this shows in the quality of the flasks. We have a great range of both captive and non captive tops flasks as well as round and boot flasks that are perfect for so many occasions. Take a look at our whole range here.