Personalized flasks are a great way to say thank you, wish someone happy birthday or just treat someone you think would like a personalized item. By using state of the art software and a modern engraving machine we can personalize our range of flasks with either text, logo or an image of your choice.

Personalized Flasks

Personalized Flasks fontsPersonalizing your flask has never been easier and thanks to our fantastic range of both English pewter and stainless steel flasks we are sure to have something that takes your fancy.  Working closely with our producers means we can stock the best in modern hip flasks and offer our customers a wide choice in both sizes and styles.

Getting your flask personalized is as simple as selecting your flask, selecting to have it engraved, choosing the font and then adding any text your require.  After that our team of engravers will jump to the task and have your item engraved, if we have any questions about what you desire then we will contact you to talk about your needs.
Our text engraving service is great value at £2.99 per side of the flask, if you want too sides engraved (plain flasks only) then we can do this for the great price of £4.99.Personalized Flasks

We have a great selection of engraving fonts that are just perfect for adding meaningful text to your flask.  Each font has been specially selected to give our customers a choice of traditional and unique fonts that will really make the flask stand out.  From the standard ‘Times New Roman’ font to the unique ‘Fairy Tale’ font, our engraving fonts look great on pewter or stainless steel.

If you want to have your flask engraved with a logo or image then pop along to our logo engraving information page and get the heads up on what kind of images work best, the general pricing and what’s involved during the whole process. We also offer a section of images that are ready for engraving.

Personalized hip flasks can make a great gift that will be forever cherished, please encourage your receiver to use their flasks as the flasks really want to be used and not kept in a box on a shelf, its their life’s purpose to get out and see the world from your inside pocket.