Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter


Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter


Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter
This is a Zippo Branded lighter.
Zippo are well known for their high quality finish and durable lighters.

**This lighter has a shiny chrome finish on the sides and top but has
a brushed finish on the front and back.**

Each genuine Zippo lighter comes in a Zippo box.

To use your new Zippo lighter simply open the lid,
slid out the inner part of the lighter,
turn upside down and gently pour lighter fluid onto the wool.
Some models may have a flap you have to lift before filling onto the wool.
Do not over fill your lighter.

Why not Personalise your new Zippo Lighter by having it engraved with one of our
fantastic engraving fonts.

Turn a great gift into an amazing one.
Perfect for weddings and birthdays.

Zippo Lighters are made in the U.S.A

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Weight 150 g