4 Cup Stainless Steel Set in Brown Leather Case, 4oz Cups


4 Cup Stainless Steel Set in Brown Leather Case
4 well made stainless steel cups with leather case.
These cups come in an easy to open leather case.
As this is nice and compact it will fit nicely in your bag without much hassle.

4x 118ml (4oz) Cups

Cup measurements (each cup measures):
66mm high
58mm Diameter mouth of cup
37mm diameter bottom of cup

Natural Leather Products:
Leather is a genuine natural product and
therefore some of the animals characteristic marks
such as veins, creases and scars still remain visible
and should be appreciated as an original and individual mark.

These imperfections on the skin, together with slight colour
changes, reveal the origin and confirm their authenticity.
No two skins are alike just as no two animals are alike.

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Weight 400 g