Novelty Hip Flasks

Novelty Hip Flasks

Novelty Hip Flasks9 times out of 10, when you good folk are buying hip flasks you do not have novelty hip flasks in mind. More often than not, a hip flask is purchased with great thought and sentiment as to what you think the recipient might like. Personalised messages and motifs are added to make then extra special. Sometimes though, serious just doesn’t cut it.

There is a time and a place for jocularities and jokes and when that times come, boy do we have a great selection of novelty hip flasks for you to chose from.

Now when we say novelty we don’t mean rubbish. You know the kind of tat that people will take one laugh at and then throw into a drawer somewhere. We mean good quality novelty fun! Believe it or not our novelty hip flasks can also be given with great sentiment. A shared joke amongst friends and loved ones. Silly phrases that you know will be appreciated and random sweary American art hip flasks.


From pewter to stainless steel we have something for everyone.

Pewter Novelty Hip Flasks

Novelty Hip Flasks - Egyptian Mummy Novelty Pewter Hip Flask

Our pewter range of fun and funky hip flasks is only small for the time being until we can find some others worth of the collection. Although a small selection, they are very popular. Have a friend who loves Ancient Egypt then our pewter Egyptian mummy hip flask is perfect.

Our mobile phone pewter flask is perfect for that someone we know who just refuses to upgrade their phone. You know the one in the group who sticks with the old archaic brick phones from the 90’s.

Our range is slightly bigger than that however so come on and take a look. Just click here.


Stainless Steel Novelty Hip Flasks

Novelty Hip Flasks - Rainbow Hip Flask 6oz Stainless SteelBoy do we have a selection here for you at The Pocket Hip Flask Co. Stainless steel is the most popular material when choosing a hip flasks these days as it is cheaper than our high grade pewter hip flasks. Because it is so popular. it means that we have been able to source a great range of flasks for you to choose from.

From astrology to brightly coloured flasks all the way through to small key chain hip flasks, we have everyone covered.

Big ( I mean really big as in 64oz) and small (tiny 1oz), brightly coloured or oddly shaped – we have it all!