Luxurious in Leather

Tan Nile Crocodile Luxury Leather 6oz Stainless Steel Hip FlaskI’m sure the title of this article might get some interesting people visiting our website who will be truly saddened that we are in fact talking about the humble hip flask and not scantily clad women. Both look good in leather but only one can fit in your pocket, just to confirm that would be the hip flask.

Luxury leather hip flasks are shining the light on the talent of craftsmen here in UK.  Produced to a high standard using quality materials including high grade, heavy stainless steel as well as high quality leather which is dyed and treated to produce a wonderful product perfect for anyone looking for something a little luxurious.

What do we mean by heavy stainless steel?Ladies Luxury Leather Stainless Steel 6oz Hip Flask with Rose Design
When you pick your hip flask up you want to be able to feel the weight of that flask, this gives you a good feeling of the quality, cheap five pound hip flasks from China are light weight and barely feel of anything.  This is because they make this cheaper flasks thin so they can produce more for the amount of steel they have.  All our luxury leather hip flasks have a beautiful although not too heavy weight to them that really speaks of the quality, the weight is good enough to know you have quality without weighing your clothing down.

Chrome Plated Brass Captive Arm
One of the questions on many customers lips regards whether the captive arm is made from plastic or metal.  Well keeping in line with the high quality of the flask these luxury leather hip flasks have a brass captive arm which has been chrome plated to create a brilliant, shiny high quality finish. No plastic to be found on these luxurious flasks.

Quality Leather
The leather that coats these luxury leather hip flasks is of a high standard and has been treated to bring out the best on the material, from the moment you open the hip flask box the wonderful smell of leather will come drifting out.  Each of the hip flasks is encased in real genuine leather which means every flask is unique as the animals natural characteristics will  shine through including veins, scars and general skin blemishes.  These wonderful natural occurrences really make each and every flask a unique work of art and give backing to the authenticity of the natural leather used.

Green Luxury Leather 6oz Stainless Steel Hip FlaskHand Crafted in the UK
Each of these lovingly make leather hip flasks is make in the UK, the stainless steel is rolled and joined by hand with the final leather finishing touch also added by hand to create a perfect well made hip flask that will take pride of place in anyone’s pocket.
Nothing says luxury quite like fine leather products and these lovely fine leather hip flasks really are touch of genius.

We say cheers to style and quality with these beautifully made leather hip flasks.