Low Cost Hip Flasks

Low Cost Hip Flasks are perfect when you want to a gift but don’t want to spend the earth.  With our range of low cost and engravable hip flasks we offer a great choice.

Low-Cost-Hip-FlasksSometimes people just want to find a flask that is low cost.  Hip flasks don’t have to be expensive which is why we offer an affordable range of low costs hip flasks that are simple, low in price and still do the job a hip flask should do; hold liquor.

These low costs flasks are perfect for people who want to get a flask as a gift but really only envisioned spending a little and not a lot.  Made from a lighter weight metal than our normal range, these flasks are cheaper to produce, added with the fact that we buy them in bulk it means we can offer a great price on these low cost hip flasks.

Our in house engraving service is ready and waiting to take your order or answer any questions, we offer both logo and text engraving and are happy to discuss large orders.