low cost logo engravingIts got to be said that personalised hip flasks make the perfect gift, whether you are looking for a corporate gift or a stand alone gift for someone special in your life, adding a logo or image can really make your flask stand out and become a most cherished unique and very personal item.  Logos or images come in all shapes and sizes and as there is an endless number of images you can use, your limits are really only set by you imagination.

When it comes to having a hip flask engraved most people don’t even consider images, image engraving isn’t just for corporate events, in fact we have engraved images and logos for all sorts of events from wedding groups to festival organisers as well as the armed forces.  We even had one person request Tony The Tiger as it was some kind of a private joke between her and the recipient. Adding some form of fun logo or image to your newly purchased flask is a great way to make not just a unique gift but one people will talk about and love for many years.East London Hockey Club

For the small price of £4.99 we check your image, render it into our software, if minor improvements can be made we make them and then we provide you with a copy of the image to confirm we can go ahead with the engraving, after your say so we then engrave the flask.  If we are unable to engrave the image we will let you know from the start and provide tips on what to do to make the image ready for engraving or advise on another image selection if we think that is the best course of action.  Our price does not include heavy editing, some images may need heavy editing before engraving, this is very time consuming and is not something we offer, however most of the time images we are sent are fine, just follow our guide to good images and you should have no issues.

Having a logo or image engraved is a fun and exciting new way to add style and personalisation to your hip flask gift, whether you aim to be funny, caring, outrageous or just display a logo that has meaning to you and the recipient, we are more than happy to see how we can help you.   Express yourself and make someone smile by adding a logo to your flask or make a statement to work employees or customers with a wonderful logo engraved hip flask.

We can’t engrave everything as some images or logos are just to complicated but we can engrave most logos and many images, take a look at some of the most recent images we have engraved onto our fantastic range of hip flasks.  These logos have all been engraved on flasks and requested by customers for engraving.  These include fun and interesting images as well as company logos.  The images below are of the logos rendered in our engraving software and so are shaded, this represents the image to be engraved.

If you are looking at having a logo engraved then please follow the instruction in this link.

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