8oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask Wrapped in Tan LeatherLeather hip flasks are a timeless classic.  They speak of times gone by that should never be forgottan and with the new designs that are constantly coming forward times that are yet to happen.  There is just something about a leather bound hip flask that makes me nostalgic, I’m not even sure I’m old enough to to qualify for such a thing nostalgia but when I open a box containing a new leather hip flask, the smell of the leather and the feel of the flask in my hand is a good feeling.

For me the smell of leather has always been an intriguing smell, I can’t put my finger on why this is but to anyone who has a nice leather belt, a leather sofa or a good leather jacket you’ll probably understand.  I guess it’s like you have been given another dimension with which to see the object, most things have a smell but not all of them are nice and for me the smell of leather brings back good memories.  Black Nile Crocodile Style Luxury Leather 6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Wrapping a flask in leather is a great way to add style and sophistication to the hip flask, not only can many different colours and textures be created but by layering as well as exploring different ways to attach the leather the leather bound flask can bring a great many things to the table.

Leather is perhaps one of the oldest forms of decoration or use for liquid containers.  The good old water skin was made from leather although some versions were also made from pigs bladders, I should say this is rarely used nowadays.  The use of leather so many years ago as a means to carry liquid could be one of the reason I feel nostalgic when I get my hands on a well made leather bound flask, it puts me in mind of times Stainless Steel Hunters Flask in Brown Leather with cupswhen people had little else to their name and a cherished item such as a leather flask was highly regarded as a personal item to be carried at all times.

Leather hip flasks have come along way since when they first started to be used, with the advent of better dying methods as well as new ways to produce stainless steel the leather bound flask has come on in leaps and bounds.  A large portion of our leather flasks are made right here in the UK, these luxury leather bound flasks showcase high quality craftsmanship with great usability, fine leather bound around a high quality stainless steel hip flask and all made in the UK, what more can you ask for?  6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Cups Gift Set Luxury Brown Spanish Leather

Our standard range of leather bound flasks is part of our range of best selling leather flasks, these include many items that have engraving plates, different textures as well a gift sets.  This range of leather bound flasks really makes owning a leather hip flask possible for anyone as they are fairly priced and well made.