Image Engraving Information

Image Engraving Information

We are happy to engrave images on to your new flask for you and have created this page to explain the process.
All image engraving costs £4.99 however if you require a very large image this price may vary but we will talk to you about this at the time of order.

****Step 1: Choose an image****
When choosing an image to use for your engraving there are a couple of things you need to take into account.
Engraving software looks at the image and turns it into a vector or line drawing. This means images with too much detail are no good as the software cannot pick up the clear image.

Plain black and white clip art images with no background are the best as they have bold outlines and simple detail.

Images types that are ok (The bigger the image the better):

Example of Search terms to use when looking for images:
(for the purpose of this example we are searching for castle images)
Black and white castle clipart
Black and white castle image
Castle black and white

castle goodcastle bad

spartan helmet goodspartan helmet bad

dragon goodbad dragon


****Step 2: Email us the image****

Or fill in our contact form found here

Let us take a look and advise you on the suitability of the image.
Remember the simplest images work the best:
-Black with white background.
-No fine detail like intricate shading.
-Crisp and clean image.
-Try and avoid hand drawn images (digital images are fine as long as they are as described above)

Castle that works

castle goodcastle good software
You will notice that the simple image has come out exactly as the original in the engraving software

The Castle below would not work due to the minor detail, this would take hours on the machine as every dot would be engraved.
castle badcastle bad software

The hand drawn image is missing lots of detail and a defined outline. Because the hand drawn image has many small pieces of detail this image would take a very long time to finish on the engraving machine and would not create a clean crisp image on your flask.

****Step 3:  Pay for your flask and image engraving cost****

Once we have taken a look at your image and confirmed it will be fine for engraving just pop along to the shop and add your chosen hip flask, please also purchase the £4.99 add on for the image which can be found by clicking here.

There is an instruction box for you to fill in so we have some idea of what you are looking for regarding size placement etc, this is really just reconfirming what you would have already spoken to us about.  When you fill in your shipping details on the checkout page please leave a real phone number in case we need to reach you regarding your engraving.

****Step 4:  Confirm image****
Once we have payment we will render the image and send you a mock up.  Just confirm any changes if needed or confirm the image is good to go and we will start the engraving process.