How To Look After & Store Your Hip Flasks

How To Look After & Store Your Hip Flasks

How to clean & store your hip flasks - Stainless-Steel-Cushion-Hip-FlasksHip flasks are a wonderful thing to have in our life – and this is exactly why we want help you keep them for as long as possible by advising how to look after and store your hip flasks. Many people have hip flasks in this day and age. Mostly due to the fact that they make for very popular gifts. Birthday’s, weddings and thank you’s are a great excuse to buy someone you like a liquor flask.

Lots of us have hip flasks but, how many of know how to look after them. I know certainly from experience in my younger years, that they are not well cared for. Thrown in a drawer with little regard until next time.

How to Clean your Hip Flask

There are 3 main types of materials here that we use at the Pocket Hip Flask Co – Pewter, Stainless Steel and Leather (faux and genuine). They are all very similar with regards to cleaning making it nice and easy for you.

Cleaning the inside of your flask – great care should be taken with your flasks as they are not indestructible. Stainless steel is the most durable and can take a little rough love however, pewter is a soft metal so great care should be taken at all times with these beauties. After each use we would recommend cleaning the inside out with hot water and a drop of liquid soap. Seal the top and give it a good shake. Rinse with cold water as this will ensure the bubble disperse and you are not left with a soapy taste next time you use your spirit flask. Dry upside down on a draining board and ensure that it really is completely dry.

Cleaning the outside of your flask – the inevitable will happen and the more you handle your hip flasks the more they are going to get covered in your finger prints. Fear not, they can be removed. At the end of each evening, after you have washed your flask and it is fully dry, you can then clean the outer. To clean the outside shell you will need a nice soft cloth. Use the soft cloth to remove any marks or fingerprints. The oils in our skin can permanently mark the flasks if not regularly cleaned. We of course do not want to see the flasks marked and so we advise cleaning after each use.  We do not recommend the use of any polishes as these can be abrasive and damage your pocket flasks.

How to store your hip flasks

Now that the flask is clean and dry, you can put it away safely until you want to use it again. If you can, store with the lid off unless you are sure it is 100% dry. All of our flasks arrive in a box and so keep hold of it if you have space. The boxes are the safest place to store them to save them from knock and bangs. Where you store them is entirely up to you just make sure that they are protected. All of our pewter hip flasks come in a pouch which helps to protect from scratches. Pewter needs that extra protection so pouch and box for these flasks.

There you have it – now you all know how to clean and store your lovely special hip flasks. You never know, if you look after them well enough they can be handed down through the family over the years. What nice mementos and heirlooms they make.

How to Clean & Store Your Hip Flasks