How many shots are in a hip flask?


Hip Flasks come in all shapes and sizes. They are great for taking to a festival, party or just having on you as a back up on a night out. But its hard to know how much a flask can hold as hip flasks sizes are advertised in fluid ounces. We wanted to answer the question: How many shots are in a hip flask?

How many shots are in a hip flask?

When you purchase a hip flask you’ll want to know how many shots you shiny new flask can carry. |Too many and you’re carrying around too much weight in your pocket and not enough you’ll be dry before the party gets going. To help you along we have compiled a list of flask sizes and the amount of shots they can hold.

A shot is generally 25ml with some pubs serving large 35ml. As the most widely used measurement is the 25ml shot we will use this to provide you with all the measurements you need.

1 fluid oz = 28.41 ml or just over 1 shot

Hip Flask Shot Sizes

2oz = just over 2 shots

2.5oz = just under 3 shots

3oz = just under 3.5 shots

4oz =  just over 4.5 shots

4.5oz = just under 5.5 shots

5oz = just over 5.5 shots

6oz =  just under 7 shots

7oz = just under 8 shots

8oz = just over 9 shots

18oz = just over 21 shots

24oz = just over 28 shots

64oz = just under 76 shots


What is the most popular flask size?

When it comes to selecting the right flask size is an important part of the process. Too small and you’l run out too soon or too large and you’ll have a heavy flask weighing you down.

The most popular flask size

The 6oz flask is by far the most popular size. It holds a good measure of around 7 shots and so provides you with enough of a bonus liquor supply to be worth while. The size of the flask isn’t so large that it feels a burden and the weight when filled is not so great that it will weigh you down. The size is pretty good for fitting in most jean or jacket pockets without issue.

The next in line

The 8oz is also a popular choice when it come to getting the most amount of shots as this flask provides around 9 shots of alcohol. I use one of these myself as I like to have enough alcohol to last the night. Those extra shots do come at a price as the weight does start to get noticeable as well as the size being more restrictive on pocket location. We don’t all have large pockets and this size flask will start to take up room.

A token drink

The 4oz flask is a great little addition to your evening out. It provides a nice little pick me up with around 4.5 shots. The size means that this flask can fit in smaller pockets or handbags. The weight is also not of any consequence so you don’t really feel you have this size of flask on you.