How do you fill a hip flask without spilling it?

How do you fill a hip flask without spilling it?
One of the more common questions associated with a hip flask regards the filling process. Not everyone can get their head around the simple process of filling their flask. We don’t really blame them as the flask neck is rather small and so pouring your favorite liquor becomes a game of nerves as you try and fill without throwing all the precious liquid everywhere. Lets take a look and see if we can answer the question: How do you fill a hip flask without spilling it?

Filling your flask shouldn’t be so hard. I mean you have the flask and you want to use it, why can’t the damn stuff just jump in the flask and save you the trouble of all the spelt liquid?  Aha a simple yet effective solution can make your hip flask filling days no longer plagued with wasted alcohol.

How do you fill a hip flask without spilling it?

How do you fill a hip flask without spilling it?

A funnel. Yep that’s our advice, buy a funnel. I could end it right there but I feel you’ll need a little more from me as I’m sure you were reading in hope of some magical way to fill your flask that you hadn’t thought of.Well I’m afraid not, the simple yet effective funnel is the way to go. You do need to follow a couple of simple instructions to make sure you get the best use out of it but otherwise its the only magic you need.

Hip Flask funnels are inexpensive and super easy to use. When you pop your flask into your basket also pop one of these little devils in as well. For as little as £1.49 your hip flask filling issues will soon be over. There is no more need to fear spilling your favorite liquor anymore.

How do I use a funnel?

I’m sure you’re thinking how can I mess up when using a funnel, but you’ll be surprised how these little beauties can have people scratching their heads in wonder.  Lets see the steps involved when it comes to filling your hip flask so you won’t be spilling a single drop.

-Wash out the flask and funnel as instructions direct.

-Grab what you need; funnel, hip flask and liquor.

-Place flask on a flat surface and insert funnel into neck of flask.

-Lift the funnel slightly so there is a slight gap between flask and funnel, hold in place and pour your liquid. This is super important; lifting the funnel so there is a small air gap means the air that is escaping the flask while you pour the liquid will escape up the side of the funnel and stop you air locking the flask which normally leads to spilling liquor.

-Keep an eye on the pouring and stop before it hits the top.

Hay presto you’ve just filled your flask without spilling a drop. You are now able to go into the world and tell people how great you are at life. Don’t forget to give some of the credit to that wee funnel you used as he’s the real hero here.