How do you clean the inside of a pewter hip flask?

Cleaning your pewter hip flask shouldn’t be a hard task and so if you maintain your flask from the beginning you’ll find it a lot easier to keep clean in the long run. When it comes to keeping your pewter hip flask clean there are a few simple steps you can take.
How do you clean the inside of a pewter hip flask?

How do you clean the inside of a pewter hip flask?

Keeping your pewter hip flask clean will mean you and it can have a long and happy life together. You don’t want to end up with a smelly old flask that you throw to the back of the draw and never use again. Just follow a few simple steps and you’ll have plenty of joy from your flask for years to come, although you might not remember all the joyful times you’ll at least know that you’re flask is clean when you next use it.

Your first clean

When you receive your pewter hip flask for the first time we recommend giving it a quick rinse out. First just use some luke warm water (not hot or you might burn yourself through the flask). Once you have given it a quick rinse out you can add a little drop of liquid soap (washing up liquid), you’ll only need a drop. Fill the flask half full with water, add the cap and give it a shake. Empty the contents and then rinse until clear with cold water. Make sure you’ve cleaned all the soap out as you don’t want to mix your favorite liquor with soap.  Leave to dry naturally on the sink.  Once dry use a super soft micro fibre cloth to clean any water residue off.

Maintaining your hip flask

Using your flask is simple, just fill and away you go.

-Always clean after use as this will help with prolonging the life of the flask and help prevent long lasting smells.

-Please only leave the alcohol in the flask for a limited time, this means if you don’t finish the liquor on the night you load the flask then empty that same day (back into the original bottle of course, no wastage here) or the following morning. You can then just rinse out with luke warm water and liquid soap if required. I find water is normally just enough.

-If you need to give a deeper clean to the inside of the flask then you can use a small soft bottle brush but be careful not to be to violent as you could damage the flask.

-Again finish with a soft cloth after you have left the flask to dry naturally (upside down resting up against something on a draining board is best).