History of Edwin Blyde Pewterware

Edwon Blyde LogoEdwin Blyde have been producing fine pewterware since the 18th Century when they were established in 1798, that’s over two hundred years of experience in the manufacturing and production of pewter goods including hip flasks, giftware and tableware.  Edwin Blyde’s main manufacturing has always been aimed at the production of pewterware and after over two hundred years the company still has pewter at it heart.

The company name ‘Edwin Blyde’ originates from a family member who was a cavalry office who served in the military during the 18th Spur worn by Cavalry Soliders in 18th Centuarycentury before he started the family business.  The Spur which has become known as the trademark was registered at the same time and represents the spur the cavalry soldiers used to wear.  You will note that the cavalry swords are also used in the logo.

To really appreciate how far the company has come you have to think back to when Ebwin Blyde first started out in the production of fine pewter goods, steam power and belt driven motors where heavily in use and lighting was supplied by oil or candle power instead of the electricity we take for granted today.  Things sure have moved on since those days but the company have endured and made it through those times as well as several wars to boot.

The Association of British Pewter Craftsmen (ABPC) came into being in 1970 which was made up of metal suppliers, manufacturers as well as the Worshipful Company of Pewterers, this meant a massive resurgence in the popularity of pewter pushed the production of pewterware into overdrive.  Thanks to the drive in innovation and manufacturing as well as promoting the high standards of pewter and raising awareness of it uses the ABPC along with the Worshipful Company of Pewterers established the British pewter industry as a quality and reliable commodity throughout the world and or course here at home in the UK.

Edwin Blyde Pewter marks and logo
Edwin Blyde is recognised by Sheffield’s City council as preserving Sheffield’s reputation of high quality pewter goods and craftsmanship, this is just one more thing that proves the quality and workmanship of this long established company, we certainly hope that they will continue to product fine pewter goods for many more years to come.

Edwin Blyde is situated in the heart of the UK pewter production landscape at their modern factory in the eastern suburb of Darnall in  Sheffield, Yorkshire.  From here they produce and design some of the finest English pewter products coming out of the UK.  All the items are cast and hand finished to make sure the standards are kept high, all their staff are trained on site and to the highest of standards insuring great pewter products will continue to flow out of Edwin Blyde for another two hundred years.

99% of the pewter hip flasks we sell are produced by Edwin Blyde & Co, all products are checked before shipping to make sure the high quality our customers have come to expect are upheld. We offer both the traditional capped hip flasks and captive top versions of the same flasks so our customers have full choice in how they like their flask to look, we also offer engraving for as little as £2.99 with some great engraving fonts to choose from. .