Hip Flasks while Fishing

Taking your hip flask on your fishing trip is a great way to help you relax and unwind.
For some the chance to dip their rod in the nice calm waters of a lake, river or stream is a lure that can’t be helped.

Escaping the rat race has never been more needed, with longer working hours, reduced pay and more stress, people need to get out and hide down by the river for a few hours.  What better way to relax than spending the day sitting in a beautiful location with your rod dangling in the water waiting to entice a fresh fish.

For some just the beautiful scenery and the noise of the water lapping against the shore is enough to relax them, adding a fishing rod to the mix is just an excuse to be sitting there and then add a hip flask and you have the perfect day planned. Fishing I’m told really doesn’t have to be about the catching of the fish although I guess it does fulfill the whole point and main basis of fishing, just being able to have the patience to sit and wait for possibly endless hours while absolutely nothing happens is what sets fishing aside from other sports.
There are not many other sports that I can think of that require you to not only sit still for hours on end but also to pick an area of natural beauty to do it.  Fishing really is one of the most relaxing sports you can find, and having a little tipple from your hip flask is a nice way to sit back and let the scenery flow over you, don’t get me wrong when its wetting it down I feel the whole idea of fishing looses its appeal but when the sun is shining fishing sounds just perfect, each to their own though.

Hip flasks are perfect for taking on fishing trips as they are small and easily fit into fishing bags or pockets in your clothing.  Stainless steel is the perfect material for your fishing trip hip flask as it is rugged and better suited to outside use although if you are a careful person then pewter makes for a beautiful hip flask which provides a nice tasting beverage to boot.

Wherever you are fishing over the summer period we hope you all have a cracking time and when you take your hip flasks with you please remember to drink responsibility.  We sell some lovely fishing inspired hip flasks so check them out here.