Hip Flasks to the Rescue

Can a Hip Flask rescue you?

Hip Flasks have been coming to the Rescue for hundreds or years now.  For as long as man or indeed women has been able to brew alcohol there has been a need to store alcohol for times of need.  Although the idea of producing alcohol (weak beer) was for sterilizing water making it safe to drink, as well as maintaining the waters shelf life, nowadays we produce alcohol to consume for pleasure.  Getting that pleasure whenever we want has become the next phase in our sometimes dangerous journey with alcohol.Hip Flask to the rescue

Of course hip flasks have come a long way from the original idea of using hollowed out fruit as a flask, lets face it wouldn’t be very easy to inconspicuously hid in a pocket.  I can’t really see myself walking around with a orange stuffed down my trousers filled with my favorite dark rum but we are not here to judge what other people want to do, maybe a coconut would suit the job better though due to their hard outer skin.

Its safe to say that most things in moderation are perfect for a long and healthy life on this planet, this of course includes the drinking of alcohol.  For people who like to be able to have a little tipple when they are in the mood then a hip flask is the perfect buddy to carry upon your person.  Hip flasks are small, easily carried in a trouser/jacket pocket or a handbag, and are perfect for holding your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Rescue is a very strong word as I don’t foresee many situations where having a drink of alcohol would save your life however when most people talk about a hip flask coming to the rescue they really mean they wanted a drink and their hip flask saved the day, maybe a bit melodramatic but we all need rescuing every now and again, and our friend the hip flask is in a perfect position to do this.

With many designs, shapes and sizes the hip flask is continuing to rescue people from their alcohol related emergencies. Don’t be caught out and get your hip flask now, it could save the night.

So weather you are on a night out and just want a little pick me up or are at a wedding toasting your best mate on his new life, hip flasks will always be ready to come to your aid and rescue you.