Hip Flasks the Perfect Festival Accompaniment

Hip Flasks the Perfect Festival Accompaniment
It’s got to be said that festivals have become a major summer event here in the UK. In fact. festivals are well loved throughout the world!  Hundreds of thousands of music fans flock to their favourite music festivals each summer to watch their favourite band, chill with their friends while having a good time and a more often than not, a wee drink.

Hip Flasks the Perfect Festival Accompaniment

Most festivals have a strict no glass policy inside the arenas or in some cases inside the campsite, this is for safety reasons and to be honest is quite reasonable.   So what do you do with your precious liquor?  Hip flasks, yep that’s right these hard wearing funky and sometimes big hip flasks are just perfect for taking to your festival this summer. Sounds good huh? I mean what’s not to like – festival say’s no glass and you say that’s ok, I have a hip flask, or 2.

hip flasks
You will be pleasantly surprised, we offer a huge range of stainless steel hip flasks that are just perfect for storing your alcohol during a fun filled weekend in a field.  Stainless steel is very hard wearing, is safe for storing alcohol and our range of stainless steel hip flasks are priced well for anybody and everybody (over the age if 18 of course) to take advantage.

We do also have some stunning pewter hip flasks however, we would not recommend taking a pewter hip flask with you as pewter is a very soft metal and is likely to get scratched and dented from your fun filled festival antics. You wouldn’t want to go for a wee drink after you have just danced, or moshed depending on where you are, to your favourite band only to find that you have damaged your shiny new flask.

Hip FlaskWhether you purchase our massive 64oz (1.89 litre) mega hip flask (more of a bag flask unless you have nice healthy strong hips) or one of our more reasonably sized 6 or 8oz flasks we are sure to be able to get you fully equipped for your festival fun this summer.

One must have accessory to go with your hip flask is, a hip flask funnel. These little beauties only cost a couple of quid but could save you a lot of spilled drink and stress when filling your flask, the one thing we don’t want is alcohol waste.

Have fun this festival season guys and girls and remember, when using your nice new hip flask to drink responsibly. If you are looking for some funky festival clothing check out The Festival Clothing Company.