Hip Flasks in the Summer

Hip Flasks in the Summer

Hip Flasks in the SummerCue the sun – the wonderful warm sun is out and so are we which means only one thing – hip flasks in the summer are an absolute must. Ok perhaps not a must but, they do come in very handy.
Summer is a time where most of the population start to become more outdoorsie and much more sociable. Out go the blues of the Winter which have slowly been fading through Spring and in comes a season of laughter, friends, hip flasks and a little alcohol…

There are many things that we do in summer where many of us take a little drink: BBQ’s, picnics, outdoor concerts and even festivals. These are just to name but a few. Now, as much as I enjoy aHip Flasks in The Summer - BBQ nice cold beer in the sun, sometimes ferrying bottles around can be rather cumbersome. Solution: Hip Flasks or as some others call it, a spirit flask. To be honest, it is all personal preference. It really does all depend on the who, how, where, what & when 🙂 Who is going to be there that may want to share my alcohol… How am I getting to the event (no drinking and driving)… Where is the event and do I need to arrange accommodation…. What type of event is it and is a hip flask appropriate (of course it is) and … When is it so I know how long I have to plan.

Often if it is an even where I don’t have to drive I will take the best of both worlds. Beer or wine to start with and then, end the evening with one of my favourite tipples.

A little tip for you – hip flasks are easier to take to certain events as they are easier to hide. I didn’t just say that…*ahem*

Different Types of Hip Flasks

Hip Flasks in the Summer - 64oz Stainless Steel hip FlaskSo, depending on your need and the occasion, we have hip flasks fir just about everything! We have hip flask sizes ranging from 1 oz all the way through to 64 oz. The 1 oz to be honest is more of a novelty however it can attach to your belt or your keys and is barely noticeable. The mammoth 64 oz however is much easier to spot. Here we call this flask the beast as it can hold – 1893ml/1.89ltr or just under 76 shots. Wow right – great for taking to bbq’s!

The most common sizes however are the flasks from 4-8 oz but as we like to supply choice, we have all the sizes for you.Hip Flasks in the Summer - Heart Shaped Pewter Hip Flask 6ozWhen most people think if a hip flask they see the most common shape which is the kidney shaped flask. This is the more traditional shape. We like to ensure that you have choice and so in addition to the kidney spirit flasks, we have a huge range of shapes to choose from. Round, slimline and even novelty flasks in the shape of phones, footballs and even hearts.

Pocket hip flasks are popular with both the ladies and the gents these days and so we have options for all. Flasks suitable for pockets, handbags and even the smallest of clutch bags for the ladies.

There is something a little exciting about trying to sneak your flask somewhere and succeeding. If you don’t succeed then you have 2 choices – get drunk fast and drink it, or pour it away! What mood are you in?!