Hip Flasks in the Autumn

Hip Flasks in the Autumn


The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. The temperature has dropped and there now seems to be a constant chill in the air, even when the sun is shining. Brr! What better way to warm yourself and to get the blood pumping than with a wee dram from your favourite hip flasks?! Delicious!

The Joy of Having a Hip Flask

Carrying a hip flask around with you means that you can have a warming drink whenever you want. Although we use ours all throughout the year, we find that in the Autumn, they start to come out a little more often. Off to an evening’s entertainment in the park, check, into the handbag it goes. Having a few drinks round at a friend’s house and know that you will be outside in the evening perhaps around the fire, check, into the pocket it goes. Sometimes it is nice just to go out for a nice warm walk in the cold. Wrapped up warm, wearing big jackets, hats, scarves and the like, sitting down on a bench somewhere pretty, people watching and watching the world go by, having the occasional sip of rum. Lovely!
It is so wonderful sitting and watching the leaves falling from the trees and local wildlife going about their day. I have just convinced myself now to go for a walk this weekend.Have Some Boos! 8oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Halloween is a good time to have one on you. Great for livening up a party. Adding a little spot of liquor to your cup of child friendly punch really helps. Hip flasks are also a wonder when you are out taking the kids trick or treating, whilst you wait around in the dark and cold you can keep yourself toasty with a little drink. Only a little one mind, especially when you are responsible for little ones..  We have some great Halloween themed flasks which are great for spooky celebrations.

Bonfire/fireworks night is another great time for a spirit flask. Even better if you have some travel cups so that you can share with your companions. A small social drink will be appreciate by your friends and with a flask it means that you have less to carry and don’t have to try and smuggle in bottles of alcohol wherever you are going.

Hunters-FlasksHunting is another great excuse to get the hip flasks out. Fab if you have a hunters hip flask as it comes with not only the flask but with cups too so that if you are so inclined, you can share. It does get very cold when you are sat there still and waiting for long periods of time.

I have only listed a few of the times that they are useful however I am sure that you will not be short of occasions this autumn where you can find a time to take your flask with you.
If you don’t currently have a hip flask but want one then you are in the right place as we can sure help. We have a wide range and something to suit everyone. Whatever your budget big or small, we have you covered. We have stainless steel hip flasks and also pewter hip flasks so come and take a look at our extensive range.

Have fun folks and remember to responsibly.