Hip Flasks for weddings

Hip Flasks for weddings


Hip flasks have become a big part of modern society.  This is mainly due to the price of alcohol rising and people looking at ways of keeping the cost of their night out down.  Of course many traditions revolve around the hip flask, none more so well known than hip flasks and weddings.

Whether you are going on your stag night or hen weekend, hip flasks have become a major part of the occasion. You find groups of party goers sporting matching hip flasks as they prepare to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.  Not only is it now a “thing” for the stags and hens to carry hip flasks, many wedding groups have the name of the party member engraved on the flask with a nickname or the date of the wedding . These little touches are added so that not only do they know who’s is who’s after a few sherbies but also so that people have a keep sake after the bHip Flasks for weddingsig day.

Wedding favours have always been very popular and are traditionally given to people who are close to the bride and groom, especially the best man, ushers, brides maids and maid of honour etc. Hip flasks have become a very popular item to give on this occasion especially to the best man and ushers before the ceremony. This as seen as a bonding experience as the groom would also carry one on the day. Sometimes the hip flasks all match or they are all done specifically to suit the individual it is being gifted to.  There have always been jokes about the groom needing a stiff drink before the ceremony so with a hip flask you can make this a reality. Just make sure that there are not too many before hand. Maybe best not fill them too far until after the ceremony 😉

Hip Flasks for weddingsWe have noticed that is is also becoming more and more popular to also give hip flasks to the bride maids so they can also carry a small discrete hip flask on their person throughout the day.
It is not just the groom that needs a wee tipple to calm the nerves…

Of course every wedding is different and not everyone gives these items however, we have a nice range of male and female hip flasks to suit everyone . Our hip flasks make perfect wedding favours and should help make the day go a little smoother, just so long as the contents are sipped rather than downed in one (you’ve all been to a wedding where that one person takes it too far, drink responsibly and make sure it’s not you). There are usually camera so behave ladies and gents otherwise expect to see yourself and your antics on Facebook or the likes.