Hip Flasks for The Ladies

Hip Flasks for The Ladies

Hip Flasks for The Ladies - Ladies-Luxury-Leather-Hip-FlasksOnce upon a time, it used to be that hip flasks were just for the gents – not anymore which is why we have hip flasks for the ladies too. Gentlemen used to carry their treasured hip flasks around in the inside pockets of their coats or their dinner jackets. This is still true but oh, how times have changed. No longer something associated just with the men folk, ladies, welcome to the club!

Now ladies, we know that you like a drink just as much as the men and so, this is why we have a range deigned specifically just for you! I like a drink just as much as the next person which is why I have more than one. Our hip flasks make a great treat for yourself and make even better gifts for friends and loved ones. All of our flasks for women come in a box of their own however, you can upgrade to a nice presentation box and can even add a personalised message by taking advantage of our engraving service.

Ladies Hip Flask Collection

Boy do we have a great range for you to choose from. Not only do you have the choice of the ladies flasks but you have the luck of being able choose from all the flasks. Us women do have it great as more often than not most things designed for men can be used by women too. It doesn’t always work both ways…..
You have options galore with choices of both stainless steel and pewter hip flasks. In addition to the materials used, there is a great range of sizes and designs.

Stainless Steel Hip FlasksHip Flasks for The Ladies - Ladies-Stainless-Steel-Hip-Flasks

Starting at 2.5oz, you can find flasks up to 8oz. Now, depending on what style you like we have a plethora for you. Our plain stainless steel flasks are very popular as you can engrave logos and text onto them. They can be personalised as you like.
If plain is not what you like then fear not, we have something for everyone. Polka dot, diamante, glitter flasks and even flasks with witty saying’s on. Sayings such as “Drinkypoos and Dancing Shoes”, Mini Pubs and Girls Night Out. Hip flasks don’t have to be serious, why not make them fun!

Hip Flasks for The Ladies - Ladies-Female-American-Art-Hip-FlasksFemale Funky Art Hip Flasks

These beautiful flasks have been designed in America and most certainly have been made to stand out. Each of the designs on these flasks are originals which have been created and drawn in Portland, Oregon. You will not find the likes of these flasks elsewhere, they really are something special. The designs have been printed onto very high quality vinyl and then wrapped onto plain stainless steel hip flasks. These flasks cannot be engraved however once you have one it will not matter! We have over 40 different designs for you to choose from.

Ladies Pewter Hip Flasks Hip Flasks for The Ladies - Ladies-Pewter-Hip-Flasks

Pewter hip flasks are seen as more high end than stainless steel as they are made from a more precious metal and are slightly more expensive. All of our Pewter hip flasks are made here in the UK. In Sheffield to be precise. They have all been made from Made high quality lead free pewter. This ensures
that they will not rust or tarnish over time. Pewter is a softer metal than steel so I would advise that it is used for more delicate outings rather than outings at a festival for example. We have plain pewter flasks and also some with designs on. We even have some heart shaped flasks which the ladies seem to love.

No mater what flask you choose, be it for yourself of someone else, you can be sure that it will be well loved and appreciated.