Hip Flasks for Skiing
Hip flasks are a very versatile item and can be used in most situations (within reason guys, lets not go out driving with one).  Many people who hit the slopes contact us about getting a flask for when they go off piste. That’s off piste guys not off pissed!

Hip flasks are perfectly shaped to fit in your pocket or bag and, as they weigh very little even with liquid in, they are perfect for a quick sip when spending the day in the beautiful mountains.   If you have a little more room in a bag then a hunters flask is recommended as you get some cups so you can share your favourite drink with your friends while standing on top of the world.

For as long as we as humans have been able to strap bits of wood to our feet and throw ourselves down snowy mountains sides, we have done so with gusto and in some cases a complete disregard for our safety, I mean come on, have you seen some of the stunts some people get up to?

Hip Flasks for Skiing

Hip Flasks for SnowboardingStainless steel hip flasks are perfect to suit the environment and bumps that might happen while taking to the slopes.  Our stainless steel hip flasks are made from food grade stainless steel that is a harder metal than the alternative of pewter hip flasks which is a soft metal and could easy see scratching and dents if used while skiing. No-one wants to fall over but it does happen, especially beginners but even hardened professionals so, its best to have a flask that is more durable.  Please bear in mind that stainless steel hip flasks are not indestructible though.

Whether you are Skiing or snowboarding, or perhaps are going to try your hand at both, doing so safely is a must. Hip Flasks for SkiingEspecially with a hip flask.
All jokes aside, make sure your hip flask is not in a pocket you are liable to fall on. You know when you fall on a rock and it hurts well,  just imagine you are carrying that small rock in your pocket. Yep, ouch! Maybe not good to carry your hip flask filled with your favourite tipple in your trousers pockets.  Also please drink responsibly, any kind of sport and large quantity of alcohol will result in injury. Skiing and snowboarding are no exception and not only could you cause yourself some damage, you could end up hurting someone else.  Stay safe out there, skiing and snowboarding are great fun with fantastic views, we hope you enjoy your holiday.