hunting for a hip flaskA hunter’s gone a hunting!

We all know that hunters and hip flasks go hand in hand. I know rather a few ladies and gents that hunt and each and every one of them have a personalised hip flask. It seems that it is a must, nay a tradition that all hunters have a hip flask.

Why do hunters need a hip flask?

It’s simple really – imagine a cool, no cold day and evening, then imagine sitting outside in it all day. Depending on the type of hunt, you may not even be moving around, you may be stationary for hours and hours just waiting for the perfect opportunity. This my friends is why you need a hip flask! The hip flask will contain a nice warming tipple of your choice.

As any hunter, it can get very very cold and that nice warming liquor can really help. Ok, so you can if you wish take a flask of hot tea or coffee however, I doubt that it would last very long and even if it did last you the duration of the hunt, I am not convinced that it would stay warm the whole time, therefore, pack your hip flask.

You can get hip flasks made out of many materials such as stainless steel, pewter, steel with leather coverings, silver and even gold etc, I think you can get the gist. I would not have said that all of these materials would be suitable for hunting as the likes of silver can be quite soft which means that they would not necessarily wear too well in the outside world.

Our recommendation to you for a hip flask would be one made out of stainless steel is a nice hard wearing and durable material which m8oz Stainless Steel Hunters Flask Wrapped in Black Leather Openeans that it can take a few scratches, knocks and bumps and still be ok. We have such a lovely variety of hunting hip flasks for you to choose from.

We even have several sets of flask dedicated to a hunter and their needs. These flasks are stainless steel flasks which have been encased in leather. Each flask also has with it a set of 2 cups so that you can share your tipple should you wish. The cups store away on top of the flask nice and easy when you are done and there is a little leather top that pops closed keeping it all neatly contained. Nice! If you wanted to share with more than one other person the we do also have some leather and stainless steel cup sets that would go nicely.

Shooting Hip FlasksThe hunters flasks are plain leather however, if plain is not your thing and you are after something a little different, we have flasks in a whole plethora of stainless steel and pewter to choose from in a mix of shapes and sizes. There really are so many for you to choose from – round, square, rectangle – 4oz, 4.5oz, 6oz and even 8oz. Some have pictures of people shooting, some of a person and their dog,  some have pictured of wild deer and pheasant. All of these are what we would call proper country living hip flasks. Most of these hip flasks are available with a normal screw top and also a captive top. The flasks with the captive tops are the best ones to go for as there is nothing worse than dropping the cap of your flask when you are out in the woods for example as it will be no doubt lost forever. The captive tops are an arm that prevent this from happening and keeps the caps safely with the flasks.  I would have lost many a cap if it weren’t for the captive tops.

No matter what you hunt or where you hunt, please always be careful and drink responsibly.

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