Hip Flasks for Halloween

Hip Flasks for Halloween

Its coming up to that time of year again when people wear costumes and try and scare the living crap out of each other.  Yes that’s right its valentines day, no all jokes aside it’s nearly Halloween. The kids go trick or treating and the adults find late night parties to venture to.  Well if you are off to a Halloween party this October then don’t forget to get your scary Halloween hip flask sorted.

Pick your Poison 8oz Stainless Steel Hip FlaskHalloween also known as All Hallows Evening is celebrated on the 31st October, thought to have originated from Celtic harvest festivals that have deep pagan roots, in particular the festival known as Samhain which marks the end of the harvest season and welcomes in the beginning of winter.

The celebration of Halloween as we know it today tends to be very a Americanized tradition of wearing costumes, trick or treating, watching horror movies and having Halloween parties.  Many people also like to carve pumpkins and display them on their front porch with candles placed inside.

Turning up to a Halloween party with a hip flask is a great way to get the conversation going, it’s also a great way to carry your favourite Have Some Boos! 8oz Stainless Steel Hip Flaskdrink.  We have a great range of spooky style hip flasks that will look great with any Halloween costume.  These wonderful art flasks come all the way from the good old USA and are designed by a husband and wife team who just love adding art to funky drinking accessories.

If you are thinking of going as a skeleton then we have a great range of skeleton flasks that would match your outfit perfectly, making sure you turn up to the party with a matching hip flask that will sure to be the envy of everyone else.
Of course if you like to scare people then you’d probably like to have some Boos! That’s right when you say the word ‘Boos!’ it sounds like ‘booze’, great play on words and another great looking flask to take on your Halloween party night out.

Whatever you get up to on Halloween we hope you drink responsibly.  Have a spooky good time.