Hip Flasks Engraved

Hip Flasks Engraved

Hip Flasks EngravedBecause we know how special your personal gifts and mementos should be, here with us you can have your hip flasks engraved. Within reason you can have pretty much anything on the flasks; text for those personal messages and reminders and, we can even engrave logo for you if you have an image that you want to add.
Having your own messages or adding something to a hip flask that means something to someone really shows that you care. Showing that you care really goes a long way.
Because hip flasks are very popular and many of us have them these days, we personalise them for ourselves. Due to this fact, we often add inscriptions or images that we like. It doesn’t have to have some deep meaning, only something that we enjoy. Song quotes and poetry are very popular.

What is engraving

Well, to put it simply – engraving essentially means carving. Engraving is the art of cutting or marking a design or pattern onto a hard surface. A surface such as stainless steel or pewter for Hip Flasks Engraved - Diamond Drag Engravingexample. Early engravings would be done on parchments to make items such as maps. When printing and photography came into play, the art of engraving onto paper was lost. Next came engraving onto gems which was very popular. You can still find jewellers who do gem engraving to this day.
No clue when folk decided that pretty much anything could be engraved however, we are sure glad that they did.

Originally engraving was done by hand using a burin which is a small chisel of sorts. Boy did you need a steady hand for this. Engraving using a burin takes some serious skill!
Use of a burin is still common because of the skill however, due to the time it takes to complete one single engraving, machines were invented.
Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Co, we use a diamond drag engraving machine so that we can ensure accuracy every time. This also gives us the opportunity to offer more to our customers in terms of styles, designs and logos.

Hip Flask Engraving

Hip Flasks Engraved - Hip Flask Engraving Decorated Initial Typography Logo Image PWe can offer engraving on the majority of our flasks, both stainless steel and pewter. There are some things that we cannot engrave on such as our leather flasks or vinyl wrapped flasks.
As mentioned we offer both text engraving and logo engraving. Both at excellent quality and cost. We can accommodate single and bulk orders so why not have a chat to us today to see how we can help you.

If you know what you want and have a specific design then that is great although, if you are unsure as to what you want then we have our own designs and portfolio online that you can choose from. We have you covered from artsy letters, animals and Celtic designs. Here we have something for everyone.