Hip Flasks at Home

Hip Flasks at Home

Hip Flasks at Home - FireplaceMost people think that hip flasks are just for those days when you are out and about however, that it not quite true. Although true for some, many of us actually use our hip flasks at home too. us guys at Pocket Hip Flask included. Believe it or not, they make a great drinking receptacle both indoors and out. Try it and you may find that you like it!

So why I hear you ask – why use a hip flask at home when you have the bottles that the alcohol comes in and, no doubt glasses? Well why not….. that is my best answer for you. Because you can.
Although we buy hip flasks or are given them as gifts, in all honesty, just how often do we get the chance to use them?! Two, three times a year? That is not all that many opportunities to be honest.
They are fantastic items and so I think that we should all be using them at home more often. Hip flasks at home should not be queried but just something that is.

When to use your hip flask at home


In the lounge – how about that evening on the sofa when you were planning on having a wee tipple. Watching a little TV or, relaxing by the fire listening to some music, it matters not. Just grab your hip flask and pour yourself a dram.

Playing chess – we love a game of chess in our household and sometimes there is nothing more annoying than having to leave the table to refill your glass. Having your hip flask with you solves that problem. Not lazy at all, just in the zone honest.

Hip Flasks at Home - Cup SetsBBQ and Camp Fires in the Garden – chilling and relaxing by the fire is a wonderful way to spend the evening. A nice BBQ with some friends followed by a nice fire is one of the best things. Throw in your favourite spirit and away you go. Even in the summer it can get rather chilly in the evening so why the need to move from the warmth of the glowing fire. Put what you want to drink in your spirit flask and either, use a glass from indoors or use a cup set so that you can share with friends. I am sure that you would have more than 1 glass indoors for sharing with friends anyways but, it feels a little more outdoorsie with a stainless steel cup.

Keeping tabs on your drinking

To be honest I could go on for quite a while here… In the bath, al fresco dinner in the garden, playing a musical instrument and so on. The list is endless and so I shall stop now.
One of the great things about using a hip flask in your home is that you can easily keep track of what you are drinking. Choose your flask size and then fill it. Once it is gone, it is gone and the drinking stops. A great way to keep tabs on yourself.

Just remember folks that however or wherever you use your flasks, please drink responsibly.