Hip Flasks and Horses

Hip Flasks and Horses - Horse Hip FlasksSo, hip flasks and horses – let me be clear, we are not implying that horses use hip flasks here as that would be impossible. Amazing but impossible. What we are saying, is that we have a great range of horse hips flasks here for you at The Pocket Hip Flask Co. Whether you own and ride your own horse or you just have a fondness for the magnificent creatures we have some great hip flasks for you to choose from. In addition to a treat for yourselves our horse themed hip flasks also make wonderful gifts.

Our horse hip flasks are available in stainless steel, pewter and leather wrapped. The majority of these flasks are all engraveable so that you can personalise them to your liking. You can add text or even logo’s depending on what you are looking for. Although some of the flasks, take the leather wrapped for example, cannot be engraved, the majority of the tops can.  Often initials are added for that little personal touch.

Stainless Steel Horse Hip FlasksHip Flasks and Horses - 6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask with Stamped Horse Scene

These are some of our favourite and most popular spirit flasks. Made from top quality stainless steel you can rest assured that you are getting a truly great flask. Ranging in size  from little 1 oz to a huge 64 oz you can pick the size that suits your needs the best.  From horse riding themed flasks through to wild horses running, there is something for everyone. There are many great things about stainless steel. One of these great things is that it is very durable. Durability means that you can take it just about anywhere and so why ever not!

Hip Flasks and Horses - 6oz Pewter Hip Flask with Horse and captive topPewter Horse Hip Flasks

These are top of the range hip flasks made from excellent quality pewter. More expensive than stainless steel however it is worth it. Way back when, many items used to be made from pewter. In the homes of the rich there would be items everywhere from table wear to candle stick. Now however, not that much other than jewellery and hip flasks is made from this great metal. With our horse flasks, some show fully engraved scenes on the front whilst others just have a small pewter badge on the bottom corner leaving more room for personalisation.
Pewter is a softer metal than stainless steel so requires a little more love and care. Not that you wouldn’t love and care for it anyways.

Leather Wrapped Horse Hip FlasksHip Flasks and Horses - Tan Faux Leather 6oz Hip Flask with Horse

Our leather wrapped flasks all have a stainless steel base which means that the actual hip flask itself is made from stainless steel. The leather is then wrapped and secured to the flasks to give the leather effect. These leather hip flasks cannot be engraved but already have some great designs on them. It is possible that the caps of these flasks can be engraved and have enough space for a few initials.

All of our flasks come in a box however if the hip flask is a gift you can upgrade this to either a satin lined box or to a nice wooden presentation box. If you are going to upgrade the box then why not make int into a full gift set. Add some cups and a funnel and away you go. We always find that the gift sets are well received. Some flasks are already part of a set however those that are not can be made into gift sets.