Hip Flasks and Bridesmaids

It is often said that the humble hip flask is a mans only accessory however we have always strong believed that the hip flask is perfect for both men and women and so would fit perfectly with the bridesmaid and maid of honour gifts.  Hip flasks have long be associated with groomsmen, the groom and ushers of the wedding party but lets face it we don’t live in the 17 century and hip flasks can and do play a part on the bridal parties side of the wedding.

Choosing a hip flask as a gift for your bridesmaids doesn’t have to be a daunting task as with a couple of simple questions answered we can point you in the right direction.    Would you want pewter of stainless steel?  Well pewter hip flasks are more expensive and although a beautiful product may not be best suited if you are planning a heavy night out for the hens part, pewter is perfect if you want a standout gift that can be personalised.  Stainless steel hip flasks are generally more durable and come in many more fun and girly styles, like pink glitter or pink diamante. Some of these stainless steel flasks can also be engraved to add that extra touch.
The only other questions is related to price, how much do you want to pay?  Pewter hip flasks as well as our beautiful luxury leather hip flask range cost more than the standard stainless steel hip flasks so if you are looking for a high end product then either pewter of luxury leather, otherwise our normal stainless steel hip flasks offer a competitive price with a large range to choose from.

There is nothing like going out as a group and having your personalised hip flasks to hand.  Not only do the hip flasks give you a little extra drink when you’re in need but they also provide the perfect memento of the night out and hopefully a lasting memory even if the actual night can only really be recalled through the use of social media pictures.

The great thing about providing your bridesmaids with hip flasks on the hen party is these flasks get a second outing on the actual wedding day, when the event itself becomes a little stressful as can happen with so much to do and so many people to talk to, a sip from your trusty flask will save the day, don’t gulp down too much though as you want to be able to walk down the aisle and enjoy the day.

A hip flask makes the perfect gift for your bridesmaids as it can be personalised and will forever provide a memory of your special day.