Hip Flasks – An Accessory for All Seasons

Hip Flasks – An Accessory for All Seasons

There is no season where you do not have need for a hip flask – hip flasks really are an accessory for all seasons.  I use the term ‘need’ rather lightly as none of us really need hip flasks, we just like them! Come rain or shine, there is always somewhere that hip flasks come in very hand. We have rather a few in our house – not alcoholics I promise we just have different sizes. You never know the available space that you have to store one.

In the past hip flasks have typically been a gentleman’s accessory however, over time this has changed. Due to a change in expectations and designs, they really have become a firm favourite of the Hip Flasks -An Accessory for All Seasons - Ladies Hip Flasksladies too. Sex matters not, there is a design for everyone. Here at The Pock Hip Flask, we have designs for everyone! We have so many to choose from we may actually have enough for everyone – OK I exaggerate however, you get the point. We have lots to offer you.


Limited choice is a thing of the past. Gone are the times where your only 2 materials to choose to have your flask made from were stainless steel or pewter. In this day and age, the possibilities are endless. Although stainless steel and pewter are still the most common materials to make liquor flasks from, the embellishments are far greater. A very popular style of flask these days is stainless steel with a leather wrapping. The style of leather can be pretty much anything, dyed any colour and in any style. Engraving, stamping and embossing are all available options. Where engraving comes into it, our master engraver can personalise any flask for you. We can engrave the text of your choice onto any flask that you choose (providing it has an engravable area) or we can even engrave logos for you.

Hip Flasks - An Accessory for All SeasonsI have even seen flasks made from pure gold and silver. They are extremely pricey and considering what they were made from I have seen much nicer made for much cheaper. Don’t get me wrong, wow they are very very nice.

Our hip flasks can be bought all on their lonesome or, depending on the occasion or the person that it is for, they can be bought as part of a set. We have many sets available but don’t worry; If you don’t like any of them, you can make up your own.

Because hip flasks are now used by everyone (of legal age no doubt), they have become widely accepted and, as a result of this people expect to see them about all year round.

I digress, so, how are they a great accessory for all seasons;


Although the weather is starting to warm up out there, I still think the warmth from a little liquor in a hip flask is very welcome at this time of year. Spring is when I love to start taking long walksHip Flasks - An Accessory for All Seasons - Wildlife-Hip-Flasks again to watch nature regenerating our country and bringing everything back to life. A wee hip flask in my pocket helps to keep the cold at bay. Just a small nip every now and again goes down very well.  Local evening concerts in the park are a great time to carry one too.


Goodness there are so many occasions in the summer where a hip flask is great. Festivals, festivals and of course festivals. BBQ’s, picnics, camping, hiking, hunting – there are so many things that we all do in the summer where we all have a little drink. Also, don;t forget about the summer solstice, great reason to pack your favourite flask. I think the reason for this is that when the weather is nice we tend to be out and about more. Nothing wrong with the great outdoors. Sun and vitamin D is good for you. Good for the soul!  Pocket flasks really are great when you want to pack light.


Hip Flasks - Hip Flasks For All Seasons - American Art Hip FlasksThe weather is still warm but starting to cool down a little. There are still plenty of outdoor concerts to attend, walks to be had, friends to visit and scrummy drinks to be had. There also seem to be lots of parties at this time of year – Halloween and Bonfire/Fireworks night are great outings!


The chilliest season of them all. Carrying a flask with you is a wonderful way of warming your cockles when you are out in the cold. Walking at this time of year especially when it is snowing  is really lovely. Everywhere looks beautiful under the snow.

To be honest much of the festivities of the seasons overlap which is not a problem. Who needs an excuse to show of their wonderful spirit flask? Not me that’s for sure!