Hip Flasks a Gardeners Best Friend

Hip flasks are great for so many occasions but I bet you never thought to carry one around when you were gardening. Yes a nice cool glass would be amazing when you are busying around the garden but so you can keep things nice and close you’ll want to have something that can fit into a pocket and not restrict your movement. In steps the hip flask.


Hip Flasks a Gardeners Best Friend

3oz-Pewter-Hip-Flask-PlainDuring lock down most people are getting out into their gardens so they are not cooped up all day inside. It turns out that with nothing much else to do us Brits do love to improve are gardens and the queues outside B&Q are testament to this. As time spent in the garden should be relaxing then a little drink sounds like just the plan. But you don’t want to keep going backwards and forwards to your garden table when you could just have your drinkypoos in your pocket. Nothing helps the garden get done better then a little sip of your favourite tipple. To make sure you have you drink is to hand and in easy reach a trusty hip flask can serve you well.

With a varying array of sizes to choose from you’ll be able to select the perfect hip flask that fits into your apron, gardening trousers or box of tools, making sure you always have a tasty treat on hand when the weeding gets too tough to handle on it’s own.

Just don’t get the heavy machinery out while drinking from your flask. You’ll not be liked if you end up driving the digger through your neighbors fence and through their prize pumpkin patch. Have fun in your gardens folks but drink responsibly.