Hip Flask – Why do I need one?

Hip Flask – Why do I need one?

A Hip flask is an essential bit of kit when it comes to some of life’s events.4oz-Two-Thirds-Hammered-Pewter-Hip-Flask-with-Captive-Top
If the thought of making it through another long wedding ceremony (we should say at this point ‘not your own’), or the thought or watching a child you barely know get christened (also now known as naming ceremonies for the non religious) then a hip flask should probably be on your list of things to carry with you.
There is nothing better than having a wee swig when you’re sitting at the top of a mountain ready to throw yourself down it on your chosen method, a bit of Dutch courage to get you ready for the downward journey really helps and is a great reward for having the balls to fling yourself down the side of a mountain at 50mph on nothing more than a plank of wood.

When Can I Use My Hip Flask?

HIp Flask on a MountainFrom spending your day on the river attempting a spot of fishing or making it to a local footy game where you’ll spend 90 minutes shouting at the local team and swearing at the referee, a hip flask makes a great companion. On a cold winters day there is nothing better than having a hip flask hidden in a pocket ready to give you the nice warming taste of your favourite drink.

If you hadn’t already guessed I tend to use my flask for most occasions, I don’t down all the contents and spend the rest of the day walking around in a haze but it is nice to have a wee drink on hand for when you simply feel like one. Weddings and christenings are normally long and drawn out affairs and sometimes offer few breaks so a flask fits the situation well, the same can be said for sitting watching a football match, you don’t want to be running backwards and forwards to the bar when your team are thrashing the opposition 3 – 0.

What Flask Should I Buy?

So if you’re thinking of purchasing a hip flask and not really sure which way to go then we hope to point you in the right direction.  First off pewter is for show and 6oz Stainless Steel Cushion Hip Flask with Captive Topstainless steel to go go go. Simply put pewter is a wonderful metal for making hip flasks, the finish is absolutely brilliant and you are sure to get some fantastic comments but it’s a soft metal and so it scratches easily, perfect for weddings, the opera or events where it remains in your suit pocket, not so good for throwing yourself off a mountain. Stainless steel tends to be more durable, being a harder metal it doesn’t scratch as easily and so stands up better in harder conditions.

If you are trying to impress and want something that really stands out then a pewter hip flask is for you, they have the wow factor and make great drinking partners on nights out.  If you are after a flask that could get a little abused then we think stainless steel flasks are always going to win, they are stronger more durable.

So to answer the question; why do you need a hip flask?  Simply put sometimes life just calls for a wee drink and as it’s not appropriate to carry a bottle of Captain Morgans or a bottle of Jack in your pocket so a hip flask works beautifully.  Don’t think you have to finish the whole lot but always remember its nice to have it by your side.

Whatever flask you have in mind I’m sure we can help advise you, just remember to drink responsibly.