Hip Flask the Party Accessory

Party-people-hip-flask-partyNo party goer should be without one, they are stylish, fun and serve a purpose by not only providing the drink of your choice but a great conversation starter. If you are off to a party, summer BBQ or just a night around a friends house then a hip flask is a good buddy to take along.  Whether you go with a discreet sized flask that fits nicely in your pocket or one of our massive 64oz flasks that fits a whole 1.8 liters of alcohol you are sure to be the talk of the party.

64oz Stainless Steel hip FlaskHip flasks are our life, we stock and engrave one of the largest collections of hip flasks in the UK.  Our range of hip flasks showcases everything from affordable fun to luxury leather.  We love bringing our customers the best in hip flask choice from our collection of English pewter hip flasks that are made right here in the UK up in Sheffield Yorkshire, these pewter flasks are part of our best selling range and don’t forget our luxury leather range that are made right up the road from us in the West Midlands, showcasing British engineering at its best.

We don’t mind tracking down flasks that are made further afield as some of our fantastic art hip flasks Jackass 8oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask with Original Artworkcome from over the pond in Portland Oregon in the USA and are made my the duo Trixie and Milo who know how to have a good time and produce great looking funky hip flasks that our customers just love, these flasks really showcase the wanna have fun attitude and pack a whopping 8oz of flask to fill.

Our range doesn’t stop there though as we also stock some easy to use and affordable flasks from our friends over in China, these are well made and ready to engrave and are perfect for stag events, wedding, birthdays or a great British party.

Whatever hip flask you are after we are sure to have a style and design that will suit your needs but if not then get in contact and we will see what we can do from you.  Hip flasks really are our life and we really like what we do, we hope you find what you are looking for.

Just remember guys please drink responsibly.