Hip Flask Size Guide

How much fluid (Alcohol) will your new pocket hip flask hold?

Hip flask are commonly sold in sizes based on the amount of liquid they can hold.
This is normally represented by fluid ounces (oz).

In the UK we are more familiar with millilitres (ml) and are sold shots of alcohol in measures of 25ml
(some pubs do sell 35ml but most shots are recognised as 25ml).

Below is a quick conversion so you can see how much each hip flask can hold

1 fluid oz = 28.41 ml or just over 1 shot

Pocket Hip Flask Sizes

2oz Pocket Hip Flask = 57ml or just over 2 shots

2.5oz Pocket Hip Flask = 71ml or just under 3 shots

3oz Pocket Hip Flask = 85ml or just under 3.5 shots

4oz Pocket Hip Flask = 113ml or just over 4.5 shots

4.5oz Pocket Hip Flask = 133ml or just under 5.5 shots

5oz Pocket Hip Flask = 142ml or just over 5.5 shots

6oz Pocket Hip Flask = 170ml or just under 7 shots

7oz Pocket Hip Flask = 199ml or just under 8 shots

8oz Pocket Hip Flask = 227ml or just over 9 shots

18oz Pocket Hip Flask = 532ml or just over 21 shots

24oz Pocket Hip Flask = 710ml or just over 28 shots

64oz Pocket Hip Flask = 1893ml/1.89ltr or just under 76 shots

The above measurements are approximates.