Hip Flask Season

Hip Flask Season is upon us again, yes that’s right its nearly festival time and as hundreds of thousands of festival goers head off to their favorite festivals they look to ingenious ways of storing their liquor.  Festivals happen all throughout the UK during Early May up until the end of September.  People in the UK love flocking to festivals and they also love letting their hair down and having a wee drink at the same time.  This is where a hip flask comes in nice and handy.  With many festivals adopting the no glass policy it really only makes sense to get yourself a nice sturdy hip flask and fill it to the brim with your favorite tipple.

Hip flasks make the perfect carrier of your liquid delight, they are light weight, small enough to fit in a back pocket or handbag and provide you with your favorite drink wherever you are.  The great thing is you can reuse these little beauties over and again by refilling them when you pop back to your tent.  Hip flasks are a very popular way of storing alcohol as the containers are made with storing alcohol in mind, the ambient temperature of the liquid remains perfect for drinking your alcohol straight out of the flask or pouring into cups and sharing with friends.  The hip flasks can easily store your alcohol during your time at the festival.

Hip flasks come in so many shapes and sizes you will be able to find the one that suits your needs quite easily.  For festivals we would recommend a 8oz stainless steel version although a couple of 6oz flasks would also do the job well if you’re happy to fill your pockets.  Pewter looks great but is more likely to get beaten up when you are running around at a festival as it is a softer metal so a little less durable.  If you do not plan to take your flask into the main arena then you could always look at hunters flasks or even our massive 64oz flask which holds 1.8 litres of  pure liquid pleasure.

Just remember some festivals are funny about taking your own alcohol into the main arena so plan well so as not to be disappointed.

I take a hip flask to all the festivals I go to, it holds enough alcohol to give me a little drink when I want, the flask sits easily in my pocket or at the bottom of a bag with no issues.  As festival season gets underway we hope everyone has a cracking time and please remember to drink responsibly.