Hip Flask RevivalWith the love of hip flasks being a huge thing right now, you may have noticed that a hip flask revival is fast underway in the UK. People are  finding an ever increasing number of designs to suit almost any situation which means that these days, there is a hip flask to suit anyone and everyone for pretty much any reason you could think of! Hip flasks make the perfect gift for pretty much any occasion as they look great, provide a function and can be personalised to add that extra special touch.

Hip Flask Revival

Hip Flask Revival From the time man first found that through the fermentation of fruits or vegetables you could produce alcohol he (or she), also decided that storing this liquid heaven should be easy and convenient. I can hear you all agreeing with us…
During the middle ages, the hip flasks of their day was a hollowed out piece of fruit – although this is still used now, well mainly for cocktails –  you will note that Hip flasks have come a long way and have developed into something rather beautiful..
In the 1920’s pigs bladders were known to have been used as a way to hide alcohol being smuggled onto Navy ships. Fear not, you have no need to worry nowadays, no more messy fruit skins or pigs bladders filled with alcohol for you – nothing will be staining that brand new tux of yours, unless of course you spill something on it…Hip flasks have become a very modern way to keep alcohol on your person discreetly whilst looking rather cool.

The Modern Hip Flask

With modern engineering and production methods, hip flasks can be made from most metals and created into most shapes and sizes. You name it and it has probably been made somewhere.  Stainless steel is a very popular metal to use due to the ease of production as well as the fact the flask is more hard wearing than other softer metal flasks such as pewter.
Alongside stainless steel, the Pewter hip flask has become a very popular flask due to the high polished finished that can be achieved from this semi precious metal. If you really want to make a statement then you could go for a nice silver hip flask but the price is likely to make most people think twice.

For the most part, stainless steel does the job – the price is good, the quality is great and the durability is fantastic.  Students, festival goers, wedding parties, works dos, and anybody who likes a little tipple every now and again are finding good uses for our hip flasks.  They really are the perfect gift or the perfect accompaniment to a night out.

Whats clear with the hip flask is it never really went out of fashion.  In fact, I think as they continuously get better as the years go by and as they become more popular with people from all walks of life.  Truth is, most of us drink and we all enjoying sharing that with our friends which makes the hip flask perfect. Especially if you have some handy travel or collapsible cups to go with.

For us, a hip flask should be affordable, look and feel good and above all fit nicely in our pocket, or for you ladies, your handbags, so we can take our favourite tipple wherever we go.  For me that’s dark rum, though for others it may be a nice aged whiskey or brandy. Whatever your drink of choice, make sure you have a flask that you feel comfortable with so you can be part of the hip flask revolution and enjoy your favourite drink on the go.  See our full range of flasks in our online flask store.

Please remember to drink responsibly though guys and girls.