Hip Flask Engraving

Hip Flask Logo Engraving

Hip Flask Logo Engraving is what we are about here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company as we know people like to make their flasks unique.
We offer in house engraving which also includes the engraving of logos and images. The best logos to engrave are simple black and white images as these render best within engraving software. We have put together a quick guide for people looking at having logos or images engraved. Just click here to view our logo engraving guide.

Below we have included a few of our most recent logos that we have engraved for our customers, these images are all special requests as made by our customers. Each logo we engrave is rendered in our engraving software to create a perfect engravable image that really pops on the hip flask.

Please note: due to the nature of trying to photograph a metallic object that reflects light and anything that may be mirrored in its surface you may find that I appear (or at least my hands) on the surface of the flask and the logos appear darker due to this mirroring of objects (camera, my hands). When engraving onto metal using a diamond drag engraving tool you would expect the engraving to be a brighter finish than the metal being engraved.

If you have a logo you would like engraved and want to find out if it is possible then please take a look at our guide which gives you a quick outline for what is generally possible.  If in doubt then please just use the contact information provided on that page to send us the image so we can review it and work out what can or cannot be done for you.  Just click here to view our engraving logo guide.

Adding a logo or image to a hip flask really makes your gift unique and stand out.  We do lots of work for weddings and companies looking to give their hip flask a little something extra.

Logo engraving is priced at £4.99* per image, this includes the design and editing process that is involved to get the finish you desire.

*Images with lots of detail will be priced differently based on the estimated time on the machine.