Hip Flask Happiness

Hip Flask Happiness - Happily Ever Top Hat 8oz Stainless Steel Hip FlaskHip Flask Happiness

Hip flask happiness is a wonderful thing and can, on occasion, also be described as hip flask smugness. The happiness that I speak of is that feeling of warmth that overcomes you when you take your hip flask out of your pocket, or bag – you take a swig and bam!, just what you need deliciousness. Perfect for those situations when you need a little warming or a little something to soothe your nerves.

Hip Flask SmugnessHip Flask Happiness - Leather Cup Set

Now, hip flask smugness is as with happiness however, the part where you can feel smug comes in when you realise that you are the only person where you are that has one. All eyes are suddenly on you and not only can you feel the lovely heat of your tipple of choice, you can also feel the warm glow of envy coming from those around you.  That my friend is when you can feel smug! In all honesty snugness is not an endearing quality however, in certain situations it is just. Here you have options -: 1) You can share the amber nectar from your spirit flask with your friends & associates or, 2) you can ignore their looks (turning into glares) and keep it to yourself.
As tempting as option 2 sounds, I am sure that you will share and start to spread the happiness.

Spreading the Happiness

Now that you have decided to share, you can spread the happiness and the word that is The Pocket Hip Flask Co. You can share your liquor using a beautiful cup set for the time being however, you aren’t always going to want to do this. Share the love and tell your friends where they can get their very own.
Here at HQ we have something to suit everyone and all tastes. From budget flasks for those trying to be a little careful with their pennies through to top range pewter flasks.
As well as varying materials and price ranges to choose from we also have styles and designs galore. We aim to please and so have hundreds of hip flasks to choose from.

Single flasks, gift sets, you choose. If you want a gift set for a particular flask and cannot see that we have it then why not build your own. We have different gift boxes and funnels for you to mix and match to get the set that you would like. Why not make it extra special and add a personal message onto the flask. Our master engraved can add text to your gift and even some logos.

Come and take a look and see how we can help with your Hip Flask Happiness.