Hip Flask for Camping

Hip Flask for Camping

Hip Flask for Camping
Hip flasks are great for so many situations. There aren’t many situations where a hip flask is not a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, there are some I can think of but we trust you guys..

It’s got to be said that in the UK, we love getting back to nature, going camping and hiking and, it’s got to be said, having a wee drink or two. So, what happens when you are caught short without your favourite tipple?  You know the situation I am talking about.  You’ve spent a hard day hiking through some beautiful woodland and you could really do with a little sip of your favourite tipple but, you don’t have any to hand as well, it is a little inappropriate to be seen carrying a bottle of liquor around. When we say a little sip, that is what we mean – we’re not talking about getting sloshed but just a nice sip to warm the insides.
Thankfully our hip flasks come to the rescue so there is just no need to be caught short again.

Hip flasks come in all shapes and sizes as well as many different materials to suit your needs.Hip Flask for Camping
If you are travelling in a small group and each or you have a hip flask, or most of you do then you may find that you only need a 6oz or 8oz hip flask to give yourself a little pick me up.  However if you are looking to share you drink with your outdoorsie companions then you may just be in need of a flask that you can use to share with your friends. Such flasks come in the shape of a hunters flask. These sets come with a couple of cups which are made with the idea of sharing in mind. Of course, more cups can be purchased, and are recommended so that no one feels left out,  separately so that you can accommodate for a larger group of friends.

Stainless steel will always be my material of choice when venturing into the wild due to the hard wearing nature of the metal.  When you are traveling you don’t want to worry about your flask getting scratched and so, buying a good sturdy stainless steel hip flask will keep you in good stead.  Pewter hip flasks for show, stainless steel for on the go.

So you have your compass, map and camera then all you need to do is throw in your stainless steel hip flask and you are ready to get out into the wilds and get back to nature.  Just remember to drink responsibly.