Hip Flask Engraving

Hip flask engraving is what we are about Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK.
We will happily engrave your new PHF purchase with one of our brilliant engraving fonts and as long as you order before 14:00pm we will engrave and ship your new flask the same day (Monday – Friday).

Hip Flask Engraving

When it comes to engraving we believe that people like not only a bespoke engraving service but fonts that reflect the uniqueness of the gift you wish to purchase.  We offer a lovely range of traditional and funky engraving fonts so our customers can really have a wide choice of fonts to engrave their nice new flask.

What is Engraving?

Hip Flask Engraving

For us engraving is the practice of using a diamond drag engraving machine and incising a design onto the surface of your new hip flask, this is done via pressure using a diamond drag bit that cuts grooves into the flask.  There are other methods to complete this process, for example laser engraving is also popular but produces a different result, we think diamond drag is more along the traditional lines and so for the time being only offer this method.  This process of engraving can be carried out on most materials or decorated objects for example gold, silver, steel, pewter or glass are perfect for engraving, however different materials need different engraving bits and in some cases different machines to complete the process.

Engraving in History

Engraving was a historically important when it came to getting images onto paper, engraving plates were prepared with the image then ink was rolled into the groves so the plate could then be pushed onto the paper to produce the image, this is how news papers were produced, this method was also used for other image to paper prints like map making and illustrations for books and magazines. With the modern age of digital printing this engraving method has long been replaced.

Traditional engraving techniques like the ones that use a burin (a small hand tool used to scrape the metal surface) or use small handheld machines are still practiced by some goldsmiths and glass engravers as well as specialist gunsmiths.

In industry modern techniques have pushed the engraving business on as such technologies like laser engraving and  photoengraving have many important applications.

Modern Engraving

Thanks to modern technology engraving is a lot easier than in bygone days, we no longer need to hand engrave items but instead by the use of computerised engraving machines we can produce exactly what we want by giving using software to talk to the machine and which helps us produce what we need.

The Pocket Hip Flask Company use a state of the art computerised engraving machine that follows the instructions our trained professional input.  The beautiful engravings that we are now able to produce can incorporate both text by using the wonderful fonts we offer or we can also produce beautiful logo and picture artwork that really bring the flask to life. When you place an engraving order with The Pocket Hip Flask Company we get to work in producing your personally engraved hip flask.

So in conclusion if you are after a pewter hip flask or a quality steel hip flask that requires engraving then we are happy to help witt our fast and reliable Hip Flask Engraving service.