Hip Flask are Hip

6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Cups Gift Set Brown Leather Effect,

Hip Flask are Hip, yes that’s right we have just received news that hip flasks are currently hip.  We have been saying for ages that hip flasks really are the hippest accessory around and are just prefect for your pocket wherever you go but now we know its true.  It doesn’t matter what walk of life you are from whether you are an avid theater goer or a lover of the great UK summer festivals, from pop stars to your next door neighbor everyone is talking about hip flasks.  With so many styles and price ranges to choose from we know there is a hip flask for everyone, whether you are looking for a luxury product or a mid range well made item, hip flasks have never been hipper.

So why are hip flasks so hip at the moment?

Hip flasks are the perfect size to fit neatly in your pocket or for the ladies nicely in your handbag.  This means what whatever event you are attending you are able to bring your little flask of alcohol to treat yourself.  With the rising prices of alcohol many people look at ways of making their night out a little cheaper and so in steps the hip flasks.  We are not suggesting people are using their hip flasks to get drunk as a skunk but we do know that many people use them to just have a little tipple every now and again.

Where do people use there Hip Flasks?

Hen nights and stag parties are very popular here in the UK and with these rights of passage comes the inevitable need to fuel up while on the go, hip flasks provide a small amount of liquid pleasure but more importantly they provide unity between the groups as more often than not matching flasks are purchased so the unit feels like one.

Opera and Theater goers love our range of Luxury Leather Hip Flasks which are handmade right here in the UK.  When Champagne gets too much a little drink from ones hip flask during the show or intermission really helps to perk you up.

Wedding parties and hip flasks go together like peas and carrots.  Since the rise in wedding favours has gained ground the hip flask has happily sat at the top of the must have list of items to give to grooms men, best men and ushers.  The fun doesn’t stop there though as many bridal parties are also provided with matching  hip flasks.

Festivals are a great place to use your hip flask, lots of walking around and listening to great music is thirsty work and having a hip flask on hand just makes things that little bit more special.