Hip Flask and a Night at the Opera


Opera Glasses are not the only thing you need to remember when you have a night at the opera. The humble hip flask first started life as we now know it in the hands of gentry during the 18th century. The hip flask was a must have item that both men and women could keep upon their person during formal events like trips to the Theater and the Opera.

Quite often the flasks were made from expensive materials like silver of rare leathers.  The gentry would find ways to outdo each other by having elaborate patterns or beautiful finishes that were sure to be the envy of their less fortunate friends.
The hip flask has moved on since it first started to become popular but one thing is for sure and that is it makes a great accessory when you are going to the opera.  A good brandy or well aged whiskey should be considered when attending such fine events at locations such as Teatro alla Scala, The Vienna State Opera or the beautiful Semper Opera House in Germany.

Pewter hip flasks
Although silver does make a beautiful material for a hip flask it quite often prices it self out of reach for most people.  Pewter is a fine substitute for silver and not only provides a beautiful shiny hip flask but also leaves little to no taste when drinking your favorite tipple.  If you are planning a trip to the opera then pewter really is a great choice for showiness and flavour, with many designs, shapes and sizes you are sure to find the perfect flask that fits the occasion.




Luxury leather hip flasks
Light Blue Luxury Leather 6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask are also very sophisticated, each flask is made from a high quality steel and encased in a wonderful natural leather, these flasks are hand finished here in the UK and will really bring a touch of elegance to night out. These wonderfully made luxurious leather flasks come in both male and female designs making them the perfect choice for Ladies and Gentlemen who like to really make a statement at the opera.

A night at the opera has always been seen as a way for the opulent in society to network while listening to fine music and drink fine alcohol.  Opera really should be about the music and so everyone should try and get themselves to at least one opera in their life just so they can take in the atmosphere and the power of the music, just make sure you have your trusty hip flask in your pocket or purse and have a tip top night.